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Parents of teens understand the need for their kids to have their own car. Especially if the kid hitting driving age is the oldest, and can help out with some of the transporting of younger siblings! Sometimes kids buy their own first car, and sometimes parents generously offer to buy the first car for their new teen driver. READ MORE >>

Don’t own your home? Renting a house, or an apartment, or even a room in someone’s house? You still need to protect your belongings. Unless you don’t have anything you feel is worth protecting, of course. READ MORE >>

Car insurance is always expensive for young drivers. Insurance companies consider anyone 25 years of age and younger as a “risk”. Why? Simple answer: insurance companies look at statistics and not the individual when it comes to charging car insurance rates for teens just starting to drive until they turn 26 years old. READ MORE >>

Long Island’s starting to cool off. Of course, we all know we’ll have a heat wave every couple of weeks until December when the snow comes. Even with all the ups and downs our climate has these days, we still have to prep our homes for those two weeks of autumn we get between now and December. READ MORE >>

We all think of Labor Day as the end of summer. Kids return to school (at least kids attending Long Island schools go back after Labor Day). Many people aren’t even aware of what the day is truly about. In honor of this day, we’re sharing fast facts about Labor Day. READ MORE >>

Summer heat usually means all the windows in the house stay closed for a few months so the air conditioning can do its thing and cool down the home. Keep the humidity outside, where it belongs. However, summer always transitions to cooler nights and eventually cooler days, allowing home owner’s the opportunity to enjoy some fresh air with wide open windows. READ MORE >>

You may not realize it, but even kids heading back to high school and middle school may need a little extra insurance coverage. These days, most kids heading to school have electronics. Laptops. Tablets. Smartphones. We’re not saying EVERY kid returning to school has electronics you need to worry about, but let’s face it, most do. READ MORE >>

Long Islanders love to shop. If you’re in the retail business, you know you’re in a unique business environment. It’s not the same as owning a business where people work in an office, and chat around the water cooler.   Retail store business insurance needs READ MORE >>

You’ve probably heard someone, somewhere mention having an umbrella policy. Ever wonder what it was, and why anyone would need to have such insurance? Why you should get an Umbrella Policy With the amount of calls we get each day asking about umbrella policies, we figured we’d de... READ MORE >>

Have you ever wondered what an insurance agent is and does? You drive past their storefronts all over Long Island, right? Probably ask yourself “what exactly is an insurance agent?” Glad you asked, because we’re going to answer that burning question right now. What is an insurance agent? READ MORE >>

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