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Anyone ever wonder what the weakest point of any kind of security solution is, including cyber security? It’s us. HUMANS. We mess it up all the time. How do you we mess it up? horrible passwords leaving our devices unlocked and unsupervised clicking on all the wrong links READ MORE >>

It’s hard to believe this, but Spring is quickly heading our way. Ignore the cold temperatures of winter, and let’s focus on the most important steps for prepping your recreational vehicles for camping season. It’s almost camping season, time to start prepping your recreational vehicles READ MORE >>

Valentine’s Day has come and gone, and it’s a safe bet there’s some new jewelry taking up real estate on your finger, wrist, neck, or ears. Hey, maybe all four! Now, here’s the bad news: your standard homeowners insurance isn’t enough to cover your jewelry. READ MORE >>

Positive reviews from amazing customers like ours helps increase people’s confidence about choosing Tango, Tango & Tango Inc.. We’re hoping our customers will want to take a few minutes to visit one, two, or all three of our favorite platforms, in order to leave honest reviews of our Long Island-based insurance agency’s offices. READ MORE >>

Growing up, my family home had a fireplace. Even though my current home doesn’t have one, and sometimes I miss it with these crazy polar vortex temperatures hitting the New York area, I don’t miss the hazards. Fireplace precautions (for the polar vortex temperatures) READ MORE >>

Holidays have come and gone. There's lots of new gadgets, gizmos, jewelry and more in your home. Now's the time to focus on taking a home inventory. Once, or twice, a year it’s important to review your home owner’s insurance policy and make sure you’re paying the right amount of coverage for what’s in your home. READ MORE >>

On Long Island, winter snow storms happen well into spring. If you're out on the roads, you'll want to be prepared if you find yourself stuck in a storm no one knew was coming. Or, let's face it, with the uncertainty of weather reports, a storm you didn't believe was coming, because you've been lied to about the severity of a snowstorm before. READ MORE >>

A pipe bursting in your home is something that can happen to everyone! I remember the first time it happened to me. I was shocked. It turns out one of my pipes wasn't insulated properly and the water inside froze, causing the pipe to expand, then explode. Which caused a flood in my basement. READ MORE >>

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