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You may not realize it, but even kids heading back to high school and middle school may need a little extra insurance coverage. These days, most kids heading to school have electronics. Laptops. Tablets. Smartphones. We’re not saying EVERY kid returning to school has electronics you need to worry about, but let’s face it, most do. READ MORE >>

Long Islanders love to shop. If you’re in the retail business, you know you’re in a unique business environment. It’s not the same as owning a business where people work in an office, and chat around the water cooler.   Retail store business insurance needs READ MORE >>

You’ve probably heard someone, somewhere mention having an umbrella policy. Ever wonder what it was, and why anyone would need to have such insurance? Why you should get an Umbrella Policy With the amount of calls we get each day asking about umbrella policies, we figured we’d de... READ MORE >>

Have you ever wondered what an insurance agent is and does? You drive past their storefronts all over Long Island, right? Probably ask yourself “what exactly is an insurance agent?” Glad you asked, because we’re going to answer that burning question right now. What is an insurance agent? READ MORE >>

Flash flood warnings have been on the rise on Long Island. Calls flood the Tango, Tango & Tango offices with questions not only about flood insurance, but also what in the world are flash floods. We figured it was time to give a little overview about flash flooding. Flash flooding on Long Island READ MORE >>

We live on a beautiful island with tons to explore, and experience. In order to explore the beauty, we have to drive our cars to get to the fun. Long Island’s population is rather dense, as in there’s a lot of us humans packed into a small amount of space. Traffic is torture. Driving causes stress. READ MORE >>

It's that time of the year again….summer camp! If you’re a parent of kids off at summer camp, you’re probably a few years into this process and might want to create a Summer Camp Care Package that’s more unique than the ones you’ve sent in previous years. READ MORE >>

4th of July: just how dangerous is this holiday? Independence Day is one of our Nation’s proudest and most celebrated days. Everyone’s celebrating our freedoms and somehow, it’s become one of the most dangerous holidays for us. Just how dangerous is Independence Day in the U. READ MORE >>

Classic Car Insurance Summers on Long Island mean a whole lot of Classic Car Shows all over Nassau and Suffolk Counties. Ever wander around these shows and wonder “how much does it cost to insure these things”?; or, “how in the world do you insure a classic car”? READ MORE >>

We live in a technology heavy world. When we call companies, many places lead you through a maze of menus asking you to press 1 for English and you know the rest. We’re forever stuck in automation hell. Cookie-cutter customer service doesn’t work for insurance. READ MORE >>

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